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Seafaring Thoughts

A Sailor Must Never Forget Her Duty

Bernadette Egan
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  • youngest_egan@livejournal.com
Born: IS 429
Star: Tenjyu
Weapon name: Ast

Vice-Captain of the Lino En Kuldes, flagship of the Island Nations Federation Fleet, Bernadette Egan is the youngest of Admiral Skald Egan's eight children and the youngest sister of Ferid. But because Ferid had left home before she was even born, she doesn't know that she is Ferid's sister and thus the Prince and Lymsleia's aunt. In truth, no one other than Georg and Skald know that Ferid is her eldest brother.

Bernadette joins with the Prince as the official representative of the Island Nations. She is a serious but kind, young woman who carries out her duties faithfully. Often, and to her annoyance, she finds herself tricked into doing things as a result of her father's craftiness.

She arrived at Budehuc on the Lino en Kuldes after having travelled through a strange fog and through time to the present year IS 479. Since settling at the castle, she has gone back to the Island Nations once and learned about the eldest brother she never knew - Ferid Egan, Commander of Falena's Queen's Knights.

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